Watching lotr rotk atm and I’m a little confused at the shot where Shelob stabs frodo with her poison thingy, I mean the camera angle makes it look like she stabs him in the stomach, but he’s still wearing his mythril vest at the time? Idek

Typed this on my iPhone notes in a Starbucks so I could be hipster and be able to say that I’ve sat in Starbucks to use their wifi and work on my screenplay

My screenplay by Dashan Jayatillake:

Once upon a time there was a girl called Janae sitting in a Starbucks. She coughed and said “you can’t use real names!” So then her characters name changed to Janet. Janet is short, black and beautiful, but don’t let her size fool you. She gets what she wants and doesn’t take shit from people. The fire that you might sometimes see in her eyes. Damn…kinda hot in a weird way. She also has a very charming and handsome boyfriend who’s name cannot be revealed for his own personal safety.

The end.